Should I Sleep

Should I SleepAnd the lights go out…

Having the display dimmed when we’re focused on the computer is certainly annoying. Staying alert to “press any key” and prevent (or worse, fix) that, is disturbing and counterproductive. And that may happen during many activities, such as:

  • Carefully reading a web page, book or documentation
  • Downloading or uploading files
  • Following the progress of a software operation
  • Doing a presentation, training or demonstration
  • Listening to online music or watching online videos
  • Converting, rendering audio, video and images
  • On a conversation, taking notes between intervals

How do I solve that?

Should I Sleep will revolutionize the way your computer enters sleep mode to save energy. It uses a combination of unique heuristic sensors to check if you are actually at the computer before it sleeps.

When the display is about to dim (due to keyboard and mouse inactivity), Should I Sleep will start its sensors. Camera, microphone all other software processing will stay on for only about 3 seconds. After that (and depending on your sensor preferences), sleep will be allowed or prevented. No need to touch any button.

A heuristic approach

Currently available sensors are Face Detection, Camera Motion, Sound Activity, External Display, Download Monitor and Processor Usage. The combination of sensors means that sleep can be automatically prevented in any of the following situations:

  • Someone is facing the computer
  • A moving target is captured by the camera
  • A download or upload is occurring
  • A CPU-intensive task is running
  • Someone is talking close to the computer
  • An external display is plugged-in

Face Detection

Face time is now! Face Detection is the most effective sensor and works by capturing video from the camera just before the display is dimmed. If one or more faces are detected, sleep is prevented.

Camera Motion

Give a life to your camera! Sleep is prevented if a moving object is captured by the camera (such as waving, walking or even slightly moving your head). A perfect combination for the default Face Detection as it works even when you are not directly facing the camera.

Download Monitor *NEW*

No more broken downloads! Prevent sleep if there is network traffic. It works with all apps, on operations such as downloads and uploads, enjoying online videos and music and also receiving emails. And it even lets you keep downloads with the display dimmed!

Processor Usage *NEW*

Prevent sleep if any app is performing CPU intensive tasks, such as audio and video conversions, encodings, renderings, scientific calculations, image processing, etc.

External Display

Prevent sleep if an external display is plugged-in. A must-have for those who give presentations, speeches, demonstrations and/or trainings.

Sound Activity

Prevent sleep If ambient sound is detected. Useful in workshops, brainstorming, meetings and conversations where the camera may not be in a favorable position.


On the preferences screen you’ll be able to adjust sensors sensitivity so that Should I Sleep can work more effectively on unusual environments (especially on very noisy or crowded places).

More Sensors

Should I Sleep was developed with a modular, extensible approach. We believe that the best sleep prevention is done by analyzing as many environmental elements as possible. That’s why we’ll be actively adding more sensors in the near future.

Prevent by Time

We have also added the old-style timed sleep prevention (caffeine mode). You just choose a predefined time period for the computer to be kept awake.

Feature Summary
  • Sleep prevention with unique heuristic sensors
  • Timer mode for display and screensaver prevention
  • Face detection – the most effective sensor – included
  • Additional sensors available as affordable in-app purchases
  • Blazing fast, 3-second, hardware-accelerated detection
  • Mountain Lion’s notification center integration
  • Sensor sensitivity and accuracy fine-tuning
  • Modular development approach (more sensors on the way)

Check the demonstration video and screenshots for an overview of Should I Sleep in action.

Should I Sleep is available for download from the Mac App Store. It includes the Face Detection sensor and manual timer mode. Additional sensors can be purchased for an affordable price from within the application menu.

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