Should I SleepShould I Sleep

Annoyed by the display getting dim when you’re reading or watching something? Installed an app for that but always forget to activate it? What if the computer could “see and hear” you?

Should I Sleep will revolutionize the way your computer enters sleep mode to save energy. It uses a combination of unique heuristic sensors (such as face detection) to check if you are actually at the computer before it sleeps. Yes, the computer “sees and hears” you.

Should I Sleep? may not be an essential tool, but it’s a very useful one, and one of my recent favorite “little things” that makes my computer use a little better. – TJ Luoma

Did I ClickDid I Click

Did I Click provides visual and audible feedback for your mouse clicks. You will see a target effect on the cursor right after the click. And it never fails. So, if you didn’t see (or hear) the effect, the click was not recognized.